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Real people, helping real people save money on repairs. We actually help our customers.

At LarryB's we strive to be the efficient connection between the customer and the manufacturers.  This brings you the best parts at the best prices. We also try to give you as much information as possible about installing these parts. Our goal is to  provide you with what you need to solve your mechanical problems with the least cost and time spent.

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Are these solenoids from China? Are Chinese parts any good?

Yes our solenoids are manufactured in China. All solenoids are made in China, even the oem.

I have been importing and exporting products from around the world for over 25 years. From plywood and container flooring out of Maylasia and Indonesia, to semi truck chrome wheel accessories form Taiwan, and now fuel solenoids
from China.  I learned years ago that you get what you pay for only if you don't get screwed. It seems you NEVER get more than you pay for. A cheap solenoid is going to be a cheap solenoid. An expensive solenoid can either be a quality solenoid or someone trying to sell you a cheap solenoid at a great profit.  Know your supplier and their reputation.

So.... Parts from China can run from pure crap to amazingly good quality. An importer needs to know his supplier very well and the supplier needs to know
what the buyer requires. We stand behind our products. Our suppliers of over 10 years stands behind their's.

If ever you have a problem with our products or service please call me directly at 253-225-9962. I want to know.




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