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Dodge Starter Parts: Easy Repairs Can Save You Hundreds

First of all, we cannot press enough the importance of resisting the urge to opt for off-brand replacement starters from the auto parts store, or discounted online versions. These are cheap copies that seldom last even half as long as original Densos, and will cause you 10 times as many headaches as dollars they'll save.

Furthermore, opting to rebuild your diesel starter instead of replace it can save a good chunk of money--and it's much simpler than most people realize. We've even made this interactive exploded view image of a Denso Starter Solenoid to help.

We have a range of products that will help you with the process of rebuilding your starter. Scroll down for the full catalog!

OEM Denso starters, used on Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, and many others, almost always run for up to 200,000 without any sign of failure. 

When they do fail for the first time, the failure is usually attributable to worn out solenoid contacts. This causes the starter to click but not crank, or worse yet, stick on and keep cranking. Easy to replace, the contacts are very inexpensive. (The center contact is a part of the plunger and so the plunger should be replaced at the same time.)

Denso starters rarely need more than new contacts & a plunger. If your starter clicks a few times then starts right up, this is most likely the problem. Easy to change and a lot less money than a new starter.

To select the starter solenoid contacts you need, measure the diameter of the copper bolts that connect the battery cable to the starter solenoid and the solenoid to the starter motor. If they are 8mm then remove the rear solenoid cover. It's pretty easy to recognize the contacts you have by the pictures. If you know which parts you need, go ahead and scroll down to select and order. 

You can also email us at with your vehicle's make, model, year, engine and transmission. We'll respond with the correct part numbers.

One last thing: Occasionally, the problem can be the wiring or the ignition switch. If so, you may need to install an add-on relay.

Happy starting!

Exploded view of Denso Starter Solenoid      Contact Replacement Instructions


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