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Contacts Install

LarryB's Super Size solenoid contact install instructions.(frequently asked starter questions)

  • - Disconnect battery cables.
  • - Disconnect cable and starter wire from starter and remove starter.
  • - Disconnect starter cable from solenoid as shown.

starter power stud

  • - Remove three solenoid cover screws, cover,  and plunger. Make sure not to loose the spring or ball (sometimes the ball stays in the hole, but watch for it). If the ball and spring tip are dry you may want to put a little grease on the ball before re-installing.

starter screws

  • - Remove exterior nuts from contact lugs.

  • - Reinstall Super Contacts and new plunger. Slide the rubber o-rings on the bolts after the plastic guard goes on. The longer bolt has serrations and will pull into the new contact when you tighten the bolt.

  • - Make sure new contacts are resting flat against back of contact chamber.

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