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Dodge Starters, Denso OEM


We only carry original DENSO starters--the best and strongest out there. 

We believe there are plenty of times when buying an aftermarket or off-brand part isn't such a bad idea. We love a bargain as much as the next guy. But this isn't one of those times.

Ours are the same starters that Dodge supplied with your original, new Cummins diesel engine. No imported or aftermarket copies. This is because our experience shows they do not perform nearly as well or for as long as the OEM Denso starters. And frankly, we can't stand behind selling something to our customers that we ourselves wouldn't trust.

It's true: OEM Denso starters are more expensive than cheap autoparts store copies. But the first time your truck won't start and you're waiting on a tow truck, you will be wanting a true Denso.

Don't let just anyone tell you their starter is a Denso or as good as a Denso. Even it it says it's Mean, it's just an aftermarket copy of the Denso starter. Always look for either a DENSO, Cummins or Chrysler label.

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