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Dodge Fuel Solenoids

There are three fuel solenoid trouble spots on the 1994-1998.5 Dodge Cummins engine using the Bosch P-7100 injection Pump. 1.Fuel solenoid, 2.Relay, and 3.Fusible link. I highly recommend replacing all three parts in order to get many more years of dependable service.

Which solenoid do I need?  Dodge trucks, 1994-98.5, came with either a small solenoid with a 2 1/2" bolt spacing or a larger solenoid with a 3" bolt spacing. The 3" solenoid is also commonly used on the larger industrial trucks using the Cummins 5.9L and 8.3L engine. The larger 3" solenoid seems to be a longer lasting solenoid. It runs cooler, pulls stronger and draws a little less current. We decided we wanted to offer our  2-1'2" customers a solenoid with the longer life of the better 3" solenoid so we had our manufacturer build us a custom part using the larger 3" magnet with the 2-1/2" mounting flange. We call this our Dodge Super Solenoid.    

So, if you have the 3" mounting spacing brackets you need the 3" solenoid fix kit. If you have the 2-1/2 bolt spacing you can get either the Standard Dodge 2-1/2" fix kit, or the Dodge 2-1/2" Super Solenoid(larger Magnet) fix kit. If you are not sure which size you have you can get the Complete Mechanic's Fix Kit that comes complete with new brackets. This kit fits all Dodge Diesel 94-98.5

A very common cause of solenoid failure is worn starter solenoid contacts. With the heavy duty Denso starter it is very common for the starter to start clicking intermittently and occasionally stick on when the contacts get severely worn. When the starter sticks on it back feeds a small amount of voltage back up tho the solenoid relay causing it to activate the pull-in coil in the solenoid. This is why the truck may not shut off when this happens. We strongly recommend using a Solenoid Saver Diode to protect the solenoid system from this starter problem. Especially if your starter is older or a cheap autoparts starter.

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