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Dodge Fuel Solenoids

LarryB's Dodge 2-1/2" spacing, SUPER Solenoid Mechanics Complete Fix Kit

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Dodge/Cummins Super Strong Fuel solenoid, 2-1/2" bolt spacing, relay, fusible link, all brackets and hardware Included.

Fits ALL Dodge Cummins 12 Valve with P7100 Injection Pump, Years 94-98.5

LarryB's Part# FS25-FK-PRO

LarryB's Dodge 2-1/2" spacing, SUPER Solenoid Mechanics Complete Fix Kit

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Fits ALL Dodge Cummins 12 Valve with P7100 Injection Pump, Years 94-98.5

This kit Includes A New Super Solenoid with flat pin connector, 70amp Power Relay, Fusible Link, Complete bracket and lever set with all bolts and washers, And Easy Instructions. The ULTIMATE Dodge Fuel Solenoid. New! ONLY from LarryB's. Dodge/Cummins Super Large magnet "STRONG PULL" fuel solenoid. Cummins Heavy Duty applications of the 6B 12-valve engine usually use a larger and stronger solenoid than the Dodge application, and this larger stronger solenoid seems to last forever, trouble free. We tested the stock Dodge OEM solenoid against the Heavy Duty Freightliner/Ford truck and industrial solenoid and discovered some interesting information. The larger solenoid weighs about 1lb more, pulls 30% stronger, and runs 50% cooler than the smaller Dodge solenoid. Unfortunately the larger truck solenoid uses a larger 3" bolt spacing, a three round pin power plug, and a heim joint on the rod end (see below) so it won't fit the Dodge without some changes. My guess is when Dodge ordered the engines from Cummins for their truck production they specified the smaller solenoid because it was less expensive and weighed less. I'm sure they were confident these little solenoids would make it through the warrantee period. Well we are long past the warrantee period and replacing solenoids has become a reality. We then worked with our manufacturer to build the BIGGER electromagnet coils into a solenoid that will fit right onto the stock Dodge and it PULLS STRONGER AND LASTS LONGER. If your stock solenoid is burned up be sure to check or replace your starter solenoid contacts and install a LarryB's Solenoid Saver Diode. A clicking/sticking starter will cause the solenoid to be activated in the "start" or "pull" position for extended periods causing overheating. Don't believe what others say about leaving the key on, the key is always on when the engine is running. Do your own research by googleing "dodge starter contacts".

  • Replaces these solenoid numbers:
  • OEM#: SA-4981-12
  • Mopar#; 5016244AA
  • Cummins: 3931570

Additional Information

LarryB's Part# FS25-FK-PRO
Crossover Part # OEM# SA-4981-12, Mopar# 5016244AA, Cummins 3931570

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