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I've got a 2002 Kubota D1105 that wouldn't start. I'm not a mechanic but I'm also not a trainee. Electrical does give me fits from time to time. I had no power; I fixed that with a new switch. But the tractor would not start. I started at the dash board and checked all wiring, and interlock switches. I then checked all four relays; everything as far as I could tell from the front to the engine was good. I found the fuel shut off solenoid; I took it out and the tractor started! But it wouldn't shut off. I had to manually push in the fuel rod to shut it down. So I'm tickled that I finally found the problem "a bad fuel solenoid". I found LarryB's on the internet and decided I'd call and see if I can get help. Larry himself answered the phone. He stopped what he was doing and went through all the diagnostics with me and then told me it wasn't the solenoid. He said to check the starter circuit and he was absolutely right. It turned out to be a dirty connector on the wire from the solenoid to the starter. He spent all this time and then MISSED a selling me a solenoid. On top of all that, Larry called me back two days later to see if I'd fixed the problem. What a great guy. I will go to Larry on anything he sells from now on. He is GREAT! That kind of customer service does not exist anymore. I hope his business flourishes. I'm going to do my part to see that it does. Thanks Larry for your help, your follow up, and your genuine concern for your customers! I truly appreciate it.

Charley Martin


Larry B's Received my solenoid in the mail, on monday, installed it the very same day. Had to adjust the rod slightly, but other than that, my fired up with no problem. Easy to install. Thanks for all your help, & saving me $350+ dollars. Victor



I was very impressed by the service I received. I ordered a fuel shut-down solenoid, but it turned out to be the wrong one. Larry helped me identify the correct one which I then ordered. When I returned the incorrect part, the credit was issued immediately. Larry offers a combination that is hard to find in most businesses, that is , price, service, and availability. I have recommended Larry's to co-workers and associates and would do so to anyone needing any of the products he offers.

Tom Besson

Parts Purchasing for Golden Equipment

16 years experience

Previous experience includes over 25 years in the automotive aftermarket

Larry, I'm writing this to let you know how grateful I am for your taking the time to talk to me for however long I needed, to get through the starter rebuild for my 97 Dodge Ram with Cummins engine. You helped me not only understand how having one bad battery could affect the starter and cause it to deteriorate quicker, you also provided me very good advice on what I needed to do to replaced the brush assembly and solder the new brush pig-tails to the field windings. I tried soldering these with my hand-held butane torch but it was too hot so I used my trusty old Weller 180 watt solder gun and that did the trick - got the metal hot enough for soldering without damaging anything. One thing I learned on my own, regarding the brush kit install, was how to get rid of the original pig-tail remnant left on the field winding after snipping the old ones off. I used my Dremmel tool with a rotary rasp bit and carefully ground off the remaining copper from the old pig-tails. This provided not only a very clean area to solder the new brushes to, it also provided a little more room for soldering the new brushes onto the field windings. Just thought I'd pass that on in case others may benefit from my experience. After cleaning up the grunge and installing the new rebuild parts and remounting the starter I was so pleased to rediscover how quickly the engine starts with a properly operating starter and good batteries. Thanks again for providing all the parts to keep a good, reliable starter running and minimize the cost of doing so. I HIGHLY recommend anyone needing starter parts for their Cummins powered truck to get what's needed from LarryB's. You'll be glad you did.

Steve Hudson

Previous customer. About 2003 or 2004 I was made aware of the Super Contacts and bought a set for my 97 Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins Turbo Diesel. It wasn't until I rebuilt my starter in 2015 that I discovered how long lasting and robust these contacts

Thanks for your quick shipping, two day arrival. USPS is making a name for them selves in all phases of there operation. And your attention to your customers is great. These Military style battery clamps will work very good. My 20 yr old clamps have served well and time to replace them. Thanks Larry B

Marvin Lee

A devoted DODGE owner. My boys are following with there purchases also.
Retired, Truck driver 33yrs. See the country.

Unbelievable! I ordered a part on Friday just before you closed. it was in my mailbox by 1:15 Monday afternoon! I know I’m not a big customer but I feel like I’m treated like one. Thanx for the troubleshooting tips. I live in Kansas on a rural mail route. What service!


Thank you for the info.
This is my second purchase from your company ... You have excellent customer service excellent delivery options ..... excellent delivery time ... An excellent easy to navigate web page and excellent customer feedback. 
Thank you again!

 Bob O.  Oakridge Oregon

Bob O.

Bob O.


I talked to you last night at 4:57pm, I could not get the truck to turn off. The problem started when the zip tie on the solenoid boot broke, Off coarse the unit was in place but not screwed down yet, zip tie breaks and the plunger falls to the ground. When I put it back together I didn't notice that the spring had fallen out and had bounced out of sight. I assembled the plunger without the spring and it would not turn off. Once spring was located all was well. Thanks for talking to me Thursday evening at 3 minutes to five. Your willingness to problem solve and knowledge make you a step above most suppliers.

Thanks again,

Drew Pratt


Larry, I'm writing to tell what a great job you did getting me my filter. I could not fit everything I wanted to say in feed back. You take a lot of pride in your product, even sending me latex gloves to do the job. Best experience I have on ebay or even shopping retail. Thanks great job!



Dear LarryB's

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the rapid delivery of the parts for my Dodge starter rebuild.  WoW!!!  What a difference in contact areas.  I just got done rebuilding the solenoid contacts and post, couldnt have been much more straight forward and easy to do and had no issues when I went to start it either.  It actually sounds like it is starting stronger.

Again thanks for a great product and rapid delivery.

Tony Larios

Tony Larios

Thank you LarryB's!
First I checked pricing and delivery charges, and have to say, "You have the lowest prices I could find."
I placed my order for a overflow valve two days ago; Today I received the part in the mail; And better yet, my part came with a pair of Nitrile Gloves to keep my hands clean while making the repair. I checked other items on your web site and plan to purchase from your store again. Thank you!

Bob O.

Bob O from Oregon

Dear LarryB's,  Thank you for your service. After trying unsuccessfully to get a fuel shut off solenoid for my dodge cummins at my local auto parts stores,( I was told they couldn't, get one because of a Cummins policy) I went to a big truck repair and parts store in the next town. With the old solenoid with the part number in my hand I was told they couldn't help me without the serial number off the engine. I am not a computer wizard or a professional mechanic, but I found your website with the useful information about the solenoid. Reading about the matching part number eased the stress of buying it online. Also getting it delivered right away wasn't a priority so I opted for the cheapest shipping. I ordered the solenoid after lunch on wednesday. It was in my mailbox the next day. Almost unbelievable. I just finished installing it and it works great. Thank you again,   John M.

John M.

John M

I found a couple fuel shut off solenoids here that I was having trouble finding locally and even at a competitive price. After searching online a bit, I found that Larry was fairly local and willing to help me out with service beyond my expectations. I can not say enough how satisfied I am as another retailer with the service he provided. Thanks again Larry. John W.

John Wisinski


I own a 40 foot beaver with a c8.3 cummins. low power and would not idle, figured out I needed a new fuel shutoff solenoid.Larry B sold me the part and saved me hundreds in cost and was there to help walk me through the whole thing! I cant say enough good things about his customer service and his great prices for the do-it-yourselfer! thanks again Larry B!!

shaun judkins

Judkins family

1995 40' beaver patriot with a C8.3 cummins

southern california

All I wanted for Christmas was my 1996 DODGE 12V running again. Thanks to you and the parts I ordered from you my truck is now running again!!. Based on your recommendation I had previously ordered the fuel pressure gauge and banjo bolt fitting the adjustable pressure relief valve (TEK Tork) and the bypass kit. But no matter how much priming and effort it would not start. So I gave up and recently ordered a new lift pump from you. I just installed the lift pump (on Christmas Eve) with metal spacer and removed the fuel preheater. After about 150 pumps with my wooden handle on the manual priming button on the lift pump the truck started right up and I'm on the road again!!. Thank you once again for all your help! Sincerely, David Gomes

David Gomes


Your customer service and shipping response time got the last piece if the
puzzle to my door on time. I'm not stranded anymore!
I'm a happy customer.
Will recommend and buy again.

Nathan Conover


Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your products. I'm working on a 4BT Cummins/ Chevy project and purchased the P7100 Fuel Solenoid Wire Harness,  Add-on Starter Relay, Solenoid- Saver Diode and other parts and followed the instructions. Amazing! Worked like I knew what I was doing. I'm telling all my buds to check your website out for mods they can make. Thanks for your excellent products, service and help!


Bob Reynolds

4BT Cummins/ Chevy project 

To: Larry B's
 I recently order a starter rebuild kit through the website for a 1990 Dodge Cummins. I wanted to say I was exceptionally pleased with the level of service provided. Everything about my experience with Larry B's was exceptional: the website was well designed, the product was well displayed and described (my starting problem was fixed as promised), my order arrived in two days, and the directions included were clear. I also appreciate the fact that information on other Dodge Cummins products was included. I will definitely be recommending Larry B's to everyone I know that owns a Dodge Cummins or has a starting problem.
 Overall I am an extremely satisfied customer, Thank You.
P.S. One product that I was looking for and could not find was the O-rings that seal around the starter motor housing, these would be a good product to add to the line up.




Just wanted to say thanks. I am a woman with no mechanical training. My room mate (a woman also) and I took the starter off of my truck and replaced the contacts and solenoid with no trouble. We are both nurses. With the cost of sending our children off for the new school year, I could not afford $800 dollars for towing and starter replacement that I was quoted by a mechanic. With your kit, we were able to fix my starter for under $30. What a blessing. Thanks for the band-aid, but we didn't even need it. LOL. You are the best. Feel free to post my testimonial because we are amazed how easy you made it for us.

Kindest Regards,
Tammy and Tricia


Tammy and Tricia

Found your site and ordered the super contacts had them within 2 days thanks, loved the gloves and bandaid , now starts again without all the clicking, thanks again

marty mehaffey

2000 dodge 2500 24v cummins 4x4 quad cab

Hey, just recieved my starter contacts. Wanted to say I order parts/supplies from companies in all types of different industries all of the time and excepting mcmaster carr, you're the quickest shipping I've seen in a long time. The gloves and bandage are good for a laugh in a crappy situation too. Appreciate it, Braxton.

Braxton brantley


Dear dieselsrcool,

I have left positive feedback already, but didn't have enough room to say everything I wanted. You have 100% positive and I can see why. I ordered my item about 6:00PM my time on Friday. Monday at noon I had the part in my hand. I wish you had all the parts I needed. I have never saved a seller before, but you are saved and I will check first when I am looking for parts for my Dodge diesel. Thanks for a very impressive online shopping experience,



Larry Thanks so much for all your help. You were right our starter was sticking on and that is why the solenoid burnt up again. Thanks for helping us find the problem. You should make a kit that has your super solenoid and a diode for people like us who don't listen the first time ;) Your customer service is amazing. Thanks again!

Jenifer Scholtz

love dodges

I recently had hard starting issues with my 98 Cummins and took it to the shop, a local shop which I had been recommended by a friend. They proceeded to diagnose my problem to be the lift pump, which they replaced. They also found the fuel shut off solonoid to be “bad” because the boot was torn and there was a bolt broken on the mount. I was charged close to $1600 for these repairs, which to me isn’t small change! I took my truck home and two days later, it was doing the same exact thing! Needless to say, all the cranking had burned up the starter, which I replaced myself, so now im into this thing for over $1800. I took the truck back to the shop and gave them a piece of my mind, and told them they needed to make it right. I got a call a day later (Friday) saying the relay to the solonoid was bad and that the solonoid was bad from the factory. I suspect that the relay was all that was bad in the first place, or possibly the fusable link, I havent had a chance to look at it and figure out if mine has the link or a fuse........It is Saturday night and I have come across your site and done some research on the subject and wow am I very displeased with this shop, I hired local “professionals” to do a job thinking in my mind that I would save money in the long run because they could pinpoint the problem and I wouldn’t be throwing parts at my truck needlessly. They charged me over $200 for the lift pump which is on your site for $89 and they charged me over $700 for a part that is on your site for $119.....I wanted to thank you for your site and the information provided on it, so many times in life there are people who can help others and they closely guard their knowledge and their experience and never share, then unsuspecting and innocent people get ripped off because the information isn’t readily available to them. I am so frustrated, and at the same time, very glad I found the information provided on your site.....Thank you!!



Larry, you saved me big time. When my starter started clicking I took it to the shop. They told me that I needed a new starter and a bunch of other stuff - total $1537.00. I went home and found you and gave you a call. First of all, thanks for putting your number on the web site and second, thanks for not trying to sell me a starter and a bunch of stuff I did not need. No one ever told me you could rebuild a starter yourself, let alone rebuild it with the easy kit for $59.00. Great instructions, it was not hard to put in at all. It seems everyone is out to make a buck these days selling you a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Thanks for not being one of those guys. You saved me a lot of money. You have my business.

Rick Mayer


Dear Larry Buck and Company, Thank you so much for your GREAT service! My 1998 Dodge Ram (12V) wouldn't start and I puored ALL over the web SEARCHING for a possible remedy. It seemed as though my diesel engine had lost its prime. I read through your website, followed some "troubleshooting guidelines" and I suspected outrightly that my fuel cut-off solenoid was toast! (The OEM rubber boot was completely deteriorated and had gotten between the return spring and the actuator). I was in a panick and needed a QUICK fix! Three days later? Your part came in the mail and I am SMILING! I'm rolling again! The replacement part I recieved from you guys is quite robust and I do not believe I will be stuck in a WalMart parking lot again! It works like a champ! I did an R/R in about 20 minutes flat! 1.) Very easy to order the part from your online website 2.) EXTREMELY quick shipping 3.) parts fit PERFECTLY... a direct drop-in fit (2.5 inch) 4.) The part seems to be a QUALITY part 5.) THE PRICE!!!! WOW x 10! 6.) The blue vinyl gloves that were enclosed were a REAL touch of class (THANK YOU!) 7.) I WILL be a returning a customer.... VERY HAPPY! The "troubleshooting" took minutes: Lift UP on the actuator on the fuel cut-off solenoid. Turn the key to START. IF the engine fires up THEN dies? YEP! It's the fuel cut-off solenoid! Go online to "LarryB's and get a GREAT deal WITH super fast shipping! (They'll even enclose a pair of vinyl gloves to keep your hands clean while you change out and replace the old solenoid!) I am a HAPPY customer! Thank you so VERY much.... Sincerely, Bill Peterson Palestine, Texas

Bill Peterson


Thanks for making the dodge starter contact available to us dodge owners over the internet. It saved me about $300. Your installation directions gave me a good idea what I was getting into. Works good now!!



Just wanted to say thanks for saving me the cost of a new starter. Also, thank you for the prompt shipping of my parts. I recieved the soleniod contacts yesterday and got them installed. Problem solved. Just as you said, one burnt. It was an easy project, mostly due to your included instructions. Thanks Again.



Thanks for the advice on the batteries loads. It's rare that a vendor goes out of their way to help fix problems they don't plan on profiting from, and it's one of the reasons I'll buy whatever is needed to fix my truck from you. A good vendor usually sells good products & has my business. Respectfully yours.



Larry, Thanks for the service. Igot my starter in 8 days , a record for getting something over here in Europe The starter was in good shape. I installed it and when hit the key I thought the engine was going to jump out the truck it turned over so fast and strong. Thanks again, you are bookmarked on this computer for furture needs.



Hey LarryB,
I sure am thankful for your website, please note my Pay Pal transaction I made today at 1725 PST . My poor truck has already endured a VERY expensive fuel shutoff relay and solenoid replacement and the bonehead dealer service department made no mention of starter contact problems or just didn't know of the issue. Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting this shipment as my truck is in danger of more expense since the issue has started happening again!
Got your parts in the mail today and did the install in just under an hour (the top bolt took a little work to get too). Anyway, I wanted to compliment you on your product and ease of install, the instructions were perfect and I now have peace of mind when starting my truck.
Thanks again,



I just want to thank you for making the starter contact kit available to us Ram Turbo-diesel owners. My 1997 Ram 2500 starter started acting up in Nov. The trouble was highly intermittent and usually after a short prayer and another twist of the key, it would start. I tested the battery voltage and it was fine. I could hear the solenoid click so I figured that was fine. And it always started up after a few tries. Then I thought that maybe the ignition switch was going bad, but you wouldn't hear the solenoid on the starter click if the ignition switch wasn't working. Then last Saturday, it was snowing and I really wanted to use the truck to bring my son (and one of his friends) to hockey practice. It was snowing pretty good here in Pittsburgh PA and that's when you want your snow tire equipped 4X4. Of course I was running a little late given I needed extra travel time due to the snow. I brushed off the truck and then tried to start it ... click, click ... no crank ... again, click, click .... no crank. I used the old bang the started with a hammer trick and it started. We went to hockey, practiced and returned without incident.
Later Sat night, I poked around the Internet forum and found a post with my exact symptoms. The guy said to see LarryB for a new set of starter contacts so I did. My paypal account needed some updating but once I fixed that up, my transaction went through. I continued to drive the truck on Mon and Tues but it acted up again on Wednesday. But this time it wouldn't start and the bang the starter trick didn't work. I got stuck at the local sandwich shop for almost an hour until for no reason except time, she decided to crank over. I then went home and dug out my Acura out of the snow so I could drive that while the Ram waited for repair. Your parts packet arrived that day (just in time). I drove the Acura yesterday and got it all crudded up with road salt and Pittsburgh winter muck and scheduled last night (Thurs) for the repair. Now, you have to understand, it was cold ... like 12 degrees and I was working outside on the driveway (the 1972 'Cuda owns my one car garage). It took me 45 min to get the starter out. Another hour (inside) to clean it up and replace the contacts. And finally, around 30 min to get the starter back in. I had to shuffle all the cars back into their normal positions and the truck started right up. I drove it to work (another cold one at 4 degrees) this morning and everything looks fine. And the old contacts were exactly like you said they'd be ... the one that was attached to the Bat+ was worn very thin where the plunger contacted it. The other side contact was in decent shape. And the copper ring on the plunger was pitted but still serviceable.
So, I just wanted to say thanks for putting the kit together and saving me ~$300.
I saw your replacement fuel line kit. I should have bought one of those when I bought the contact kit. I'll probably come back for that this spring. And I'll have to inspect the rubber boot on my fuel solenoid to see if it has cracked. Maybe I'll buy one of those $26 replacement boots as preventative maintenance. Oh, and when I reach 200K+ miles on this Diesel Ram, I'll come back to you for a new starter that already has the super contacts installed.
Thanks again ... you have another happy customer who will recommend your kit.



Hi Larry and Clara,
I just wanted to give special thanks for going out of your way to help me out. I called on Friday morning with a down truck. I was in a pickle because I had a big trip planned with my sons on Monday morning. You folks went out of your way and FedEx’d me some starter contacts for my 1997 Dodge Cummins. They were at my door Saturday at 3:45pm and at 4:45pm I was washing my hands after starting my truck with no more clicking! The instructions were perfect and I had no problem even with the top bolt on that starter. I think I had a little help though. My truck has a little oil leak or as I like to say sweats a little horse power now and then and that top bolt was lubed just right. ;-) The contacts were spent as you can see in the attached picture. You folks are awesome! God bless you.
One very satisfied customer!



I recently ordered your starter kit and last week put in your fuel hose replacement kit. Both kits work great. I am very pleased with your service. I was amazed with the speed in which I got the kits. Keep up the good work.
Thank you. Larry D.

Larry D


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your web site; I was having troubles with my 96 Dodge Diesel starting, ( had to manually hold fuel cutoff solenoid up to start) I thought I was going to have to buy a solenoid from dodge dealer for 500 plus dollars, but in researching, found your web site that was full of all kinds of good info.. I ordered the relay from you and it cleared my problem.. thanks again&hellip.



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